Who are you? And no, it’s not a dumb question. People, myself included, ask who you are. Can you be yourself? Well how can you be yourself if you don’t know who your are?

I know who I am today. I am a channel for good. I share all of who I am with my prospects and clients. I tell the truth, my truth, and I write about it and hopefully, attract podcast guests who do the same.

I seek prospects who are looking to be themselves so they can live a life of peace, harmony and fun.

Why does it take so long to discover who you truly are? Mostly because you don’t trust yourself.

I learned about intuition late in life. I had no idea what it was, that the word even existed. When I say late, I mean that my family, any and all of them, thought I was crazy when I made comments about issues and challenges we were all having. They had intuition as well, they did not use it.

Maybe they didn’t know they had it.

Years ago – it seems I say years ago a lot –  I went to a career counselor. I was lucky in that he was a bit eccentric and I appreciated that. The strict career counselor type is not for me. He and I had many conversations; this happened when I was looking to leave real estate.

He gave me the words ‘Joanne leaps over logic’ plus a few more that helped me see the light. The light about who I really am. Yet this recognition did not stick because I was not using it.

There are many ‘its’. When he said I use my intuition – at the same time I was considering other work options that required furthered certification – I asked what that was. He informed me that aside from leaping over logic, that I knew answers that others didn’t because my intuition ruled my life. He confirmed I did not need further certifications or anything like that.

I recall attempting to make sense of all this (logic) and discovered that I couldn’t and just let it flow (intuition).

When someone says to you, as I may one day, to be yourself, look into your heart, mind and body and decide to trust your intuition. Ask the questions you want answered and listen to the responses. You will receive the right one.

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Joanne Victoria