A neat and tidy desk does not support the creative mind. If people have been telling you to clean up your act, your desk and its surroundings, ignore them, especially if you consider yourself a Creative.

If they do count with some people, bosses, wives, partners, husbands, in-laws, kids and friends, get your own private room or space.

Creatives like a messy desk and the environs surrounding it. Creatives have difficult time working in spartan surroundings.

Messy desks and messy surroundings support more creativity in the person’s mind and ultimately, results..

He or she can look one way or another for inspiration. If there is no inspiration, the creativity dries up.

Obviously, this will not work.

Just so you know, a messy desk does not make a non-creative, creative.

If you work at a company that demands a tidy desk, either create boundaries, change jobs or make a deal with management.

Cleaning up your messy desk should be an eleven out of your Top 10 tasks. It takes time to clean your messy desk, time that could be put towards being creative.

It surprises me that in this era of loving and admiring creative individuals, there are still businesses that demand a neat and tidy desk.

Boring as it may be, there are decisions to be made.

Talk to your boss, talk to your partner, especially if your creative mind requires you to have a messy desk as well as an adjacent messy floor filled with books, papers and future ideas to keep you as creative as possible.

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Joanne Victoria