Countless people are overreacting to the headlines. My first, last and best choice of responses is to tell others to stop reading any headlines and, if possible, do not read or listen or watch any TV news stations, newspapers or blogs.

Many of you overreact to headlines like-

The economy is rising/falling.

The US President is doing this or that.

Gas prices are high and going higher

Real Estate is bursting its bubble or there is no real estate bubble!

Numerous countries are in peril.

Social Media is failing.

Do you really care or is this obsession with headlines distracting you from something better in your life?

What can you do about it instead of making yourself sick (and I know some of you are panicking!)?

Panic is just another word for fear.

•It means you have become the sheeple, not a distinctive thinker.
•Take care of your life and career; be compassionate with yourself and your teams
• Go back to basics. What is the most important part of your life? Make that quality stronger and healthier.
• Provide more benefits and value to your vendors.

Take care of yourself each and every day. Stop reading the headlines because you cannot do a darn thing about them.

You can only do something about your own life and your own work.

Give up being reactive and stop believing what you read. If you are reactive, the turkeys have got you where they want you – with your eyes on them, not you and your success.

Do not believe everything you read. Help make life easier for you.

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Joanne Victoria