Christmas is over, and you have some space in your day. There are many things you can do; you can sleep, read, go for a run, play indoor tennis, so many things to do.

How about an adventure?

This is how it goes.

Plan a minimum two week plus vacation within the next eighteen months. No worries about money or time off. Just do the planning.

Decide how long you will be gone.

Determine how many will be traveling with you, if anyone!

Consider the level of hotel and travel you want, i.e., low, middle or high end.

Renew your passport. You never know when you will need it!

Remember this is your adventure, your trip, so plan accordingly.

I am sure that your mind is full of ideas from days past when you wished you could go somewhere, anywhere. Now it is time.

Back to your adventure.

Plan this down to the nth degree; where will you go, how will you live, how you will travel, will it be at a hotel or are you renting a house on the Mediterranean?

What sites do you want to see? Are you going to just one place for the duration or multiple locales?

How are you doing so far?

If you are resisting, ask yourself why. Is resistance how you deal in the real world?

If you are following the yellow brick road, how goes it? Creative thinking is great for 2019.Get ahead of the pack.

No need to book anything right now. This is just the planning.



Joanne Victoria