Are you ready to experiment with what you want? I say experiment as in test, so you can go through the process to see if YOU work with this new information.

First, stop worrying. Worrying will only reinforce what your non-conscious mind already knows.

Decide what you want in the next thirty days. Write this outcome down by hand! in your notebook and on many 3 x 5 cards. Writing gets the connection between your brain and your mind and the synapse lights up and there is a link.

But first…a little Imagineering. At some time or another, you have seen a corn patch, either in person or on TV, in the movies or you have walked through or driven by one. I want you to take a moment and call that image forth from your brain.

Picture all the rows of corn, neatly growing, with space in between for the farmer to feed, water, and pick the grown corn. These rows of corn represent your current beliefs, patterns, and habits that your automatic non-conscious mind currently brings forth.

Now look a little to your left. Do you notice a field overgrown with weeds? This may be last year’s corn crop or just earth meant to go fallow. For purposes of this exercise, we will call it Your New Land to Plow for New Beliefs You Want to Plant.

You can imagine it might take some effort to plow those weeds; you are so right! I will provide you with tools to help knock those weeds down and implant a new pattern.

First, be clear about what you want in thirty days.

Second, write some affirmations about this ‘want’ or goal.

Examples: a) I have absolute certainty in my ability to (your want here).

  1. b) I attract all the right resources and people.
  2. c) I am confident
  3. d) I am calm.

Add as many affirmations as you can handle. Repeat these affirmations in the morning before getting out of bed, midday, and in the evening after you are in bed.

Third, write a list of how this goal will affect your life. It is important to align emotions with the goal so there is a heart connection. Read this list at least three times per day.

Fourth, get a photo of what you want and keep it with you at all times. When you look at this photo, imagine how you feel now, this minute, about this want or belief.

Fifth, visualize your new want, pattern, belief, or habit plowing down the weeds and making a new cornrow. Do this at least three times per day; more if you want to.

You are now on your way to your True Self, controlling your thoughts and replacing an old belief with a new one.

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~Joanne Victora

Joanne Victoria