Values help you get and stay motivated.

What is important to you?

What is important about your work?

Do your personal and work values align?  

Values relate to our purpose in life and are used as guiding principles, rules if you will, to make your life easier.

Values provide you with a strong foundation; a method for living your life to it’s fullest. Values will also help you in finding your purpose in life. From the list of values provided, choose your top values and live by them. If you already have values that you use, confirm that these values are in alignment with your work goals, and mission and vision statements. If your work values and personal values are in alignment, great. If they are not, you will be dissatisfied, unhappy, and you will definitely not generate the results you want. Difficult to be a bank robber and think you can save the world. No alignment there. Values help you gain real clarity about what you stand for.

  1. Choose ten words from the following list that appeal to you.

      2. Select the top four of these words and place one on each line as your Top Four values

      3. Choose to live by these Top Four values for at least the next thirty days.

      4.  At the end of thirty days, review these Top Four words to see if they still work for you. If not, substitute as needed.

You will not be graded; this is not a test. You are looking at what works for you, not someone else. If you want to change your values, do it. Use Your Values Daily: How values can work for you. Say you chose the word “generous” from the list of Values. It could mean that each and every day, you were helpful to others or shared more of who you are with others. With practice, being “generous” becomes a familiar aspect of who you are and you would start attracting other people who were “generous”. You would look for reasons to be “generous” and you would be “generous” to yourself”.

Choose Ten Values from this Sample List: (Yes, there are other value words-this is just an example) Accepting, inspire, accomplished, intelligent, kind, Aware, knowledgeable, beautiful, leader, brave, loving, Calm, motivated, compassionate, observant, organized, Connected, original, cooperative, passionate, courageous, patient, Creative, peaceful, decisive, perceptive, devoted, persistent, Disciplined, playful, discriminating, prepared, receptive, energetic resilient, enthusiastic, respectful, excited, responsible, expert, risk-taker, satisfied, flexible, sensible, sensitive, fulfilled, spiritual, generous spontaneous, graceful, strong, grateful, happy, thoughtful, harmonious thorough, humorous, trusting, independent, willing, insightful, wise How to:

  • First choose ten values from the above list.
  • Then, choose your Top Four Favorites.
  • Use these Top Four values to live your life and your work by.
  1. _________________
  2. _________________
  3. _________________
  4. _________________

When you live by your four chosen values, your work and personal life will have more purpose, more focus and more possibilities. Now make this all real, today! Do it.

Joanne Victoria