Function is what something does.
The purpose is why you are doing something.

The function of life is to feel.

Well, the reason is up to you.
Feel what you like.

You can’t avoid it, but you can choose how you feel.

Emotions are energy.

Energy is a magnet that attracts life energy.
How you feel about something is a component of how you experience life.
Everything you do is done out of emotion, either to achieve a certain emotion or to avoid a certain emotion.

Children (and perhaps you) are born innocent and vulnerable to abusive behavior from the adults around them.

Parents manipulate their children to meet their own unresolved needs, and children idealize their parents.
No refusal goes unpunished.

For example, a woman despises her father for some reason.

She will try to exonerate herself by humiliating her son.
Her son grows up idealizing his mother and tries to take revenge on other women.

Let’s break the vicious cycle.

It’s still everywhere.

Look around you.

Forgiveness is a means.

Emotions are like the soul.

We can deal with any emotion just by being ourselves.

We have blocked our emotions out of fear of what we judge to be “bad”.

 A Master is someone who communicates the emotions he wants to feel and makes those emotions come true.

Salvation is forgiveness.

Your job is to be happy.
You just give to yourself.
~Joanne Victoria


Joanne Victoria