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Seattle, WA  (April 20, 2018) – Joanne Victoria, The I Know What Works Coach, launches the Be Your Authentic Self Program, a personal development program that will give participants the means to get back their authentic self. The Be Your Authentic Self Program comes in a package, which includes a fully loaded suite of Videos, MP3s and PDFs, and goes for only $297.00. The PDF files are easy to read, and work well with the audio and video recordings, to make it easy for participants to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

The Be Your Authentic Self Program is tailored to IT Pros in Telecommunications, Technology, Mass Media, and Entertainment employees and contractors. The program is designed with loads of content for those who desire authenticity in their lives and careers, and require timely and self-directed solutions. It is also utilizes a do-it-yourself method to help participants discover who they really are.

Author and Coach, Joanne Victoria, had this to say, “People always ask me for something that they can do for themselves without hiring a Coach or making a long-term commitment. This is that something!” She added that, “It is now time for you to take the next step in increasing your confidence, courage, compassion and connection to yourself and others. It is time to experience joy, peace and happiness. The Be Your Authentic Self Program is your opportunity to access your genuineness in an easy and self-directed manner that will give you the means to get back to your authentic self.”

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Joanne Victoria lives in the Greater Seattle area. After professions such as Real Estate Broker/Owner, CFO of an investment company, CFO and Sales & Marketing Director of a home-building company, owner of New Directions, a business development firm, as well as Gemma & Bixley, a coaching and consulting company, Joanne was ready for her next adventure, helping IT Pros live the life they want.

Joanne Victoria took her business and personal development over 30 years of experience, added in several ounces of intuition and humor, along with studies in philosophy; Buddhism and leadership, all in order to be the best qualified I Know What Works Coach ever.

Joanne is the host of the “The San • IT Project Podcast”, and partners with IT Professionals in Telecommunications, Technology, Entertainment and Mass Media whose work/life integration plan has imploded and who want more success, more confidence, more fun and more inner peace.

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