Apologies to zombies, truly.

You are so tired you drive to work asleep. Yes, parts of your brain are asleep and parts of your brain are running on empty, yet you still find yourself at work.

This is not the first time you have done this, right? Of course, you haven’t gone to a doctor or any healthcare practitioner to determine what’s going on. Not you  because you don’t have time because you are working.

What’s going on is you need sleep!!!

Proper sleep, 6-8 hours per night of sound sleep.


Because you do the job of more than one individual (the company prefers you do the job of 2!)

You are grouchy at work, you don’t eat well and you never get enough sleep.

Seriously, you are putting your life at risk!

You cannot continue to drive for over an hour to get to work while driving half asleep, then put in a ‘full days work’, and go back home, drive another hour or more to lay on the couch, drink a beer, pet your dog and play video games.

Your health is at risk as well as any relationships you have. If you are asleep, sleepy or too tired to talk, there is no way to have any healthy relationships. Remember that.

Lack of sleep and a sleepy brain also affect your immune system. You will catch every cold and flu bug out there and have difficulty healing. Of course, you could still go to work, however, co-workers will send you home. They don’t want to get sick and take home your germs.

You are also going to get fat. That’s right, you will gain weight. Sleep deprived individuals have reduced levels of hormones that make you feel full and increased levels of hormones that make you feel hungry.

The beat goes on.

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Joanne Victoria