Cheryl Fields had been an entrepreneur for over 35 years when her life took a drastic turn of events; she was virtually starting over at 47 years of age. She realized she didn’t understand how money worked so she decided to become a financial advisor and was hired by a global investment firm early in 2008 just as the market came crashing down; Cheryl saw people losing so much of what they’d worked all their lives to save. She realized she could not believe in a system that lets that happen to people, and now, for the last twelve years, she’s been sharing the strategies that the wealthy have been using for over 100 years. Cheryl is a highly paid speaker at industry and corporate events, but her heart is in Financial Education and pulling back the curtain on Wall Street, the banks and the IRS to help American families keep more of the money they make.


  • ‘Get off the carousel.’
  • ‘Finances take an open mind.’
  • ‘Borrow from yourself and pay yourself back.’
  • ‘You need abundant thinking.’
  • ‘When a child is born, they are already over $130,000 in debt.’
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