Marla Goldberg is an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, Host of Guided Spirit Conversations and a Best-Selling Author of ‘My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path’.

Marla Goldberg helps people to love yourself like your life depends on it; she is a contributing author in Heart and Soul and The Gratitude Journal.

Marla’s mission is to help inspire, motivate, educate and transform her clients and her audiences in all her endeavors.


  • ‘Our parents did not know how to raise a ‘love yourself first’ family.’
  • ‘Tell yourself how much you love yourself.’
  • ‘People come into our lives and reflect us and our lack of self-love.’
  • ‘Wounded people fill themselves up with things to feel better.’
  • ‘When you are in the sweet spot of self-love, your life is flowing.’

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