I know doubt can be a provocative word. Doubt is about distrust yet who or what do we distrust?

Do we distrust the information presented to us or do we doubt our ability to distinguish what works best for us?

During these times, you may be starting a new online business – which I think is great – or you may be presented with numerous online groups to participate in – these types of groups are especially rampant right now.

You may be invited to an education group or a social group, or even an online book club –  it does not matter. What should matter to you is what commitment is expected of you by whoever starts this group. I assume if you are creating an online business, you already have your Vision and Mission statements in place.

When you review all the aspects of these group invites, determine how much time is involved. What is your commitment to this group? Does this group fulfill something missing in your life or does your involvement with a new group or class take you away from your life and business goals? What outcomes are expected in these groups? Do any outcomes align with your existing values?

Do not let the urgency placed by the person who is designing or creating these groups prevail; only you and your decisions prevail.

A little discernment with a dash of doubt is appropriate here.

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Joanne Victoria