What is communication? Communication is the receiving or imparting of information to one or more people, groups or individuals. It is you, them and the message. Sound simple, right? It’s not.

There are traditional or generational differences, emotional distinctions and how we choose to communicate, either verbally or via email, texts, or telephone.

Communication is about the successful sharing of this information and hopefully that the intended receivers of this information hear or see that you intended them to receive.

Personal communication with your family and friends is no different from workplace communication between you, your team, your manager or boss and others who need to hear what you have to say in order for progress to be made.

Clarity is key; clarity about what message needs to be relayed to another, what your expectations are from the receiver and the fact that there may be outcomes neither of you had expected. What may also happen is that your emotions get in the way of your message being well received.

When a work issue needs to be clarified with constant clear communication, you have been hopefully well trained before you started this job.

If you do not communicate well, which is something you may only discover if the talks fall apart, you need to go to your manager or boss. If your manager or boss is a not a good communicator, they may say ‘Just work it out.’; then you may be lost as to your next step. You could always go to HR for a communication tutorial if HR has communication as part of their mandate.

Communication is vital or else how would we know anything? We can hear it, read it, look at charts, yet we seem to have a huge lack of effective communication in our world today.

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Joanne Victoria