Carla Royal grew up in a family of anxious people. The family looked good, capable, and just fine from the outside but there was an undercurrent of unease. They tried many coping mechanisms to manage anxiety but none offered consistent relief. Carla kept the anxiety to herself lest she rock the fragile boat. Carla Royal found it lonely and frightening managing hidden anxiety.

Her path became about breaking through patterns of anxiety, leading to licensure as psychotherapist and certification as master coach. Carla discovered through her personal & professional work that a healthy & clear mind creates a healthy & fulfilling life, better work performance, and richer relationships.


  • ‘If you want more confidence, decrease your anxiety.’
  • ‘You need coping mechanisms.’
  • ‘We experience our perception of the world, not its truth.’
  • ‘Remember who you are.’
  • ‘Wake up to your story.’

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