Trish Springsteen is a multi international award winning speaker mentor author radio host specializing in speaker training.  Clients work with Trish because they know she can help them have the confidence and self-belief to leverage their business with speaking and communication. Trish mentors introverts, authors and advocates helping them to step up and share their message with those who need to hear it.

Trish speaks on communication, public speaking the key to success, conquering the fear of public speaking, personal development, positive thinking, networking, and leadership and gender communication. She believes that when you Believe Act Share you become empowered and are building the foundation for Success.

Trish is the author, co-author, and contributing author of 9 books and is featured in Motivational Speakers Australia.

“Speak for Success in your business – 60 seconds of insane courage.”
“Your story is important to your business.”
“Believe in yourself – be prepared to grab opportunities.”
“You will gain confidence when you speak.”
“Introverts make the best speakers. They listen, observe and are organized and focused.”

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