Philip DeLuca, LCSW, author of ‘The Solo Partner – Repair Your Relationship on Your Own’, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Phil prefers to be called the Un-Talk Therapist. Phil is a relationship healer because he heals relationships that “Express Yourself” communication approaches damage. His self-help psychology tools enable others to heal their relationships.

Phil turned to the latest body and brain science to upgrade the outdated “Express Yourself” model that was developed in the 60’s. What he developed was an alternative holistic model that frequently works where conventional couples therapy fail, brings quick results, is easy to understand and implement. He calls it, “Communication for the 21st century.”

His Un-Talk Therapy helps end relationship conflict and make communication fun again.


  • ‘The old way was to get it off your chest; too much discussion equals problems.’
  • ‘You can integrate neuro plasticity with brain & guts.’
  • ‘Your body listens to our thoughts. We get upset; fight, or flight gives in.’
  • ‘Our crocodile brain kicks in and we lose 75 % of our frontal brain.’
  • ‘Rest until blood flows back into your brain.’
  • ‘Our brains adapt instantaneously to grow our survival brain.’

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