Tiffany is the Founder of From Divorce to Destiny and Chief Human Office of Human Unlimited, a tech4Good Foundation. For years I organized Family Office conferences and retreats worldwide on the topics of self-development and impact. I also serve as advisor for organizations including W/M Nexus, Human Unlimited, Ethical Markets, and Njovu Kids Foundation.

She also has three nationalities and three continents that she calls home. Through this “small world” lens, her life mission is to bring people to a consciousness of oneness and meaning in our lives.

What brought Tiffany specifically into the field of divorce was her own high conflict divorce that included custody changes, infidelity, personality disorders, international litigation and offshore holdings.

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  • ‘Marriage is a partnership.’
  • ‘Marriage requires mutual respect as does divorce.’
  • ‘Both people must continue to flourish during proceedings.’
  • ‘Divorce is a normal life transition.’
  • ‘Learn to step into grace.’

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