Vicky S. Joseph, Communications Consultant and Acting Coach, is the founder of The Art of Expression. Vicky’s mission is to help women who are way too nice to communicate with confidence and be assertive. With her love for theater she found her authentic voice and embraced self-expression.

Her specialties include: conflict resolution, assertiveness training and boundary building. Vicky S. Joseph has her Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications.


  • ‘A bigger issue is the need to be liked and the need to be approved of.’
  • ‘You need to value your own preferences and have the courageous conversation.’
  • ’Assertive examples in the workplace include cordial conversations and email messaging.’
  • ‘You can bring others in as your witness to a difficult conversation.’
  • ‘Delivery matters – we still get more bees with honey so do not approach with anger.’

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