Joanna Pohorski is a Business & Life Goals Achievement Coach and property investor. She has condensed 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognizable businesses into The Accountable Mindset Signature System helping business owners and professionals to achieve complete clarity on how to achieve their professional, business, and life goals faster, without any doubt, technology overwhelms or sacrificing their family life.

She has a degree in applied linguistics as well as certifications in project management.

Joanna lived in Poland, Austria, France, and Angola, and has traveled to destinations like Easter Island and Machu Picchu. She speaks 5 languages.

Christine Gallagher


  • ‘‘Potential clients must know you exist.’
  • ‘To share content on Social Media is not a ‘push.’
  • ‘Partnerships, series, and courses also work.’
  • ‘Collaborations offer each other’s products.’
  • ‘Joint Ventures helps you overlap with existing companies.’

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