Trilby Johnson is an Author, Speaker and Body Energy Alchemist. She specializes in supporting individuals to resolve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma and pain and create a new genuine sense of self, health, peace and joy.

She is the founder of her own successful holistic healing business Trilby Johnson – The Connective and through her work and writing supports her clients in attaining their next level of expertise, with her gentle yet effective methods gained from over 25 years of experience in Behavioral Psychology and the healing arts.

Trilby is a successful author of two books: ‘Fearlessly Alone: Stop the Lonely Crisis and Find Your Happy’ and her collection of original quotes ‘A-Ha Moments: Inspirational Quotes To Shift Your Thinking’.

Trilby seeks to continually transform her own life and uses all her tools personally. She has a degree in Psychology and is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, DNA Activation, Meta-Coaching, Holistic Massage and Advanced Healing Processes.

‘We must be aware of external influxes that drain our body and mind.’
‘Take frequent breaks from your computer.’
‘Allow your body to establish its own rhythm.’
‘Ground yourself by running your hands under water.’
‘Keep your phone away from your head.’

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Back to you!  How about that brain drain? Do you think electronics impair your health? Does your body & brain get tired? Let us know what is going on with you below.

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