Susan M. Barber is an Executive Leadership Coach with over 20 years experience and expertise as an Information Technology and Leadership Executive. She left her corporate career to start her own business as an Executive Coach with a focus on helping leaders; their teams and organizations reach their potential.

She created an enterprise organization at her company focused on building leadership for women in over 100+ locations. This group challenged the status quo and won awards for the programs, awareness and use of technology to connect the organization with a message of positioning women for leadership roles.

Susan loves working with IT organizations to instill best practices, build strong partnerships and increase leadership capabilities. Leveraging her knowledge of IT and Leadership Development helps her to quickly assess the current state, identify gaps and implement solutions to meet the organization’s needs.

“Take ownership over your own career.”
“Say Thank You! to your team members.”
“Do we really need so many meetings?”
“Women say ‘I’m sorry’ too often – even the leaders.”
“Team leaders must motivate & inspire.”

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