Melissa Russiano is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice which organically developed into a specialty working with helping professionals, perfectionists and overachievers. Melissa has a track record with clients to avoid burnout in a unique way that holds individuals accountable through laughter, tears, direct feedback and quirky analogies that are grounded in research. Melissa practices virtually in the states of California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania & Tennessee. Melissa is an active Certified Daring Way Facilitator based on the research of Brené Brown that is integrated into her work. She believes in living life authentically imperfect while always dreaming big.

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  • ‘Tell me your why.’
  • ‘Suffering can be a perfect time to grow.’
  • ‘Undo the Super Critical voice.’
  • ‘Giving up is never an option.’
  • ‘Determine to find your own identity.’

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