Nick Powills, CFE, is author of Sticks & Stones. Nick strives to share how his personal struggle with weight and being teased as a kid fuels his drive toward being a successful entrepreneur. Powills’ book, published by Inc. Magazine, as well as his seminars help audiences learn how to turn their own struggles into strengths, helping them achieve more on their own terms.

Nick founded No Limit Agency, a full-service communications agency in 2008 and serves as chief brand strategist for the Chicago-based firm.


Nick also founded digital magazines 1851 Franchise and ESTATENVY, two content marketing publications and platforms.


  • ‘Michael Jordan was cut from high school- look at him now.’
  • ‘The Power of Choice is a great motivator.’
  • ‘Dive deep into your story and use it as fuel.’
  • ‘Humanize your brand.’
  • ‘Find great customer stories and use them.’

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