A highly experienced businesswoman who became a holistic practitioner to heal herself from burnout, Terry is an entrepreneur, facilitator, speaker, and business coach and bestselling author. In her consulting and executive coaching business, Intuitive Leadership® Terry Wildemann works with strategic and practical leaders who know that something is missing.

She develops them into high performing, unstoppable and stress resilient intuitive leaders who awaken the possibilities by tapping into their “inner business game” and integrating it with their professional and business skillsets.

Terry authored two solo books, “The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader,” and “1-800-Courtesy; Connect With a Winning Telephone Image. She is also a co-author of two business consulting books, “Unlock the Power of You” and “The Innovators.”

‘Staring into the screen affects our soul and physical well being.’
‘It has become easier to send a text than open our mouths.’
‘We are all driven by emotions. Emotions drive everything.’
‘We don’t trust or believe in our intuitive messages enough.’
‘Set your boundaries. They need to be in place, yet be flexible.’

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Back to you! Do you stay in your heart or your head? What did Terry say that could help you with your leadership goals?  How do you create work/life harmony?

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