Known as a Snow Globe Shaker, Jeff Nischwitz is a man on a mission to help people shift how they lead and accelerate their impact. As an international speaker and personal transformation coach, Jeff is known for his unique perspectives, for challenging traditional thinking, and for delivering tangible shifts to grow people, businesses and lives. Jeff is the Founder of The Nischwitz Group, a speaking and coaching company that transforms people and organization one truth at a time! Jeff is the co-founder of, a leadership development ecosystem that grows leaders. He’s also the co-host of the Impact Leadership Podcast and author of four books.


  • ‘Transform one truth at a time.’
  • ‘Listen for the questions.’
  • ‘Determine if you are in a Shadow Career.’
  • ‘Look outside of yourself.’
  • ‘Why do you always want more?’

Just One Step: Walking Backwards to the Present

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