Sensei Victoria Whitfield helps entrepreneurs heal. It was her own healing journey of managing her natural sensitivity that inspired her to learn about personal and spiritual development.

She is an internationally recognized Holistic Stress Management and Natural Intuition development mentor, published author and actively tours the globe sharing energy healing experiences and trainings with heart-centered organizations like tech giant AT&T, local boutique business teams, and driven yet empathic solo-entrepreneurs. In her work she seamlessly mixes personal growth, shamanism, reiki and meditation to facilitate healing.

Sensei Victoria Whitfield has a uniquely intimate understanding of the type of healing and spiritual support entrepreneurs need on the journey to growing themselves and their businesses.

“We are not machines. Always taking things in is not natural.”
“Letting go is necessary to make room for new ‘stuff’.”
“Too much information accrual can overwhelm.”
“We need to cleanse our body and mind.”
“Stress in your body and brain builds up to ‘brain fog’.”

Check out Sensei Victoria’s Annual Vision & Strategic Planning Retreat:

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