Heather Lynn Darby is a lifelong student of nutrition and health, having struggled with a family history of weight and heart issues. As young as 10, Heather was conducting science fair experiments about whole foods nutrition, and now is a Precision Nutrition certified coach and NASM certified personal trainer.

Her mission is to help desk workers disrupt the cycle of chronic stress and recover from sitting through food, mood, and movement.

A vegetarian for 30 years, Heather delights preparing simple meals with the seasons. She also enjoys cycling, lifting and yoga.

As a personal coach, she helps people learn how to listen to their body and eat intuitively. She specializes in: Habit-based Nutrition, Rest-based Fitness, Postural Ergonomics, Stress Resilience through Body-Mind Interventions and Behavioral Change Psychology.

‘Sitting too long reduces your muscular metabolism by 30%.’
‘Emotional stress occurs when all you do is sit.’
‘Take a break at least every 20-30 minutes.’
‘Try this: give yourself a double chin 5-10 times per day to reduce neck pain.’
‘Take a knee throughout the day- this relaxes your psoas muscle which can be shortened by sitting and cause pain.’

Free gift: Nutrition & Fitness for Busy Professionals on my website www.heatherlynndarby.com

Wow! Who knew our bodies could hold such stress? How about you? Do you have have body/mind stress issues? What do you think of Heather’s tips?

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