Libby Wright operates Revolutionary Joy, a program she created for people with long-term chronic and genetic conditions. This passion comes from her own health journey, and from caring for two of her children who developed Traumatic Brain’s from mold bio-toxin illness.

Libby Wright has been involved in healthcare & education for twenty years. While battling advanced stages of Neuralgic Lyme disease and several other life-threatening illnesses, she also homeschooled her four children. Co-founding a corporate wellness company with her physician husband of 24 years, Libby facilitated and developed health & wellness curricula for a Fortune 500 company.


  • ‘Traditional channels don’t always work.’
  • ‘We know what we should do.’
  • ‘Give yourself some grace.
  • ‘Overcome pain, overcome power.’
  • ‘Stop the self-judgement.’

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