Consistency is the key to everything.

Where are the problems in your life? Until you have a problem you recognize, you will be unable to design a plan to smooth out the rough edges of the problem.

If you want something, be it a raise at your job, a partner, better health, to be more spiritual, start your own business, be a better manager, be a better friend – the list is almost endless, you need a plan.

If you want to end negative thought patterns, you are on the right track because you already are aware that you are having! negative thoughts. You still need a plan.

Awareness and focus are the first two steps. First be aware of what you want to change, make a step by step plan, then focus on those steps until you reach a place of satisfaction.

Being aware is the first hurdle. If you don’t know what the hurdle is, you cannot jump over it.

Sit quietly and think about what you want – it is always about what you want. Once you have thoughts, write them down, not on a computer or phone, on a piece of paper inside of a notebook with dated pages. Date everything you write down in your notebook so you can look to these early pages and track your own growth.

What I want is…fill in the blank. Write several of these in a list. Choose the least important item and focus on that. Once you achieve success, focus on the next least important, then upwards towards your biggest ‘want’.

Enjoy the ride and write down your experiences along the way. Use these experiences as lessons learned.

Be consistent. Find time everyday to follow this path.





Joanne Victoria