Employees, contractors and their respective managers, directors and executives want to be respected at work.

They need to know that their contribution is respected; that they are a vital piece to help make the company a success. There needs to be purpose to what they are doing. Purpose has to be more than a paycheck; there needs to be a connection to the company and the outcomes expected.

Each individual needs their own sense of purpose to achieve job satisfaction. A sense of purpose is only one way to provide workers with the respect they deserve. Why are you there, at this company, at this time?

If companies want to keep their workers and not lose them to other employers, this sense of purpose is what will work the best, yet it is not high on any company’s list.

What companies can do is:

1.Create a Vision, Mission and Purpose for itself

2. Share the story of the big picture to the workers

3. Be grateful to your workers

4. Expand out instead of focusing down

Companies need to be more open, less secretive in their communications with the workers.

Cliques must be disregarded and the company needs a broader perspective not only about what the company is attempting to create and sell, but also how its workers can share in the process of completion and success.

Just this one idea will help achieve a bit more respect for the workers in a way they can see it and experience beneficial outcomes.

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Joanne Victoria