Praise for Joanne Victoria

“Joanne loves helping people define and achieve their goals. Her mastery at providing simple actions people can take
to create a positive future is amazing. Joanne’s experience easily connects with audiences; inspiring them to pursue her practical action steps for success. I highly recommend Joanne – work with her to achieve more than you ever believed you could.”

Romanus Wolter, Co-Owner, Director, Writer, Producer at Romanus Sullivan Productions

“Every now and then, we are privileged to encounter individuals who embody the type of grace and professional presence that changes lives. Joanne Victoria is a definitive member of this league. I’ve had the good fortune to receive coaching and mentoring from Joanne and from the very first encounter, I knew that she would assist me with moving forward in a significant way. Her ability to immediately assess opportunities as well as roadblocks was astonishing and her no nonsense approach was highly motivating. With every single encounter, rather by email or by phone, I experienced a shift of some sort and I am progressing in a significant way as a result of her guidance. You will find Joanne’s approach to be direct and maybe even piercing, but I assure you that her methods lead to clarity. Plus the strength, lucidity and firmness that you will witness in her voice are amazingly reassuring and can only be characterize as a sweet and precious bonus. I would recommend Joanne to anyone who wants to cut through the fluff and get results. You will not be disappointed.”

Monica Moody, Founder, Owning Change | Employee Engagement Coach

“There are no accidents in life, everything happens for a reason. When someone knows their purpose, and brings their gifts to others, doors of opportunities open. Joanne Victoria has a uniqueness about her that brings immediate shifts and action towards both your personal and professional goals. She has an insightful approach towards immediately identifying where she can step in to pull out your strengths, give you guidance and hold you accountable for action steps to achieve those goals. When Joanne and I first talked, she inspired me to fully engage in my own ambitions to reach my highest potential as my business began to expand to new levels.

Joanne Victoria has continued to support me in my endeavors to fulfill my own life purpose and passions.

With the reinforcement of Joanne’s mentoring and encouragement, she is a catalyst for change, forward movement and personal excellence. I highly recommend her as a coach who can take you to the next level of success!”

Eileen BildCertified Life Coach, Producer/Videographer/Published Writer

“Joanne Victoria is a businesswoman with excellence in her coaching approach, more specifically to help us with our business foundation–knowing our vision and mission before we get into goal setting. This approach allows you a much bigger picture of you and where you want to be.  “If you are dissatisfied with your life and want more success, happiness and the ability to make great decisions in your life, then contact Joanne Victoria, Life Coach. Joanne’s ability to communicate in a sensitive, humorous and direct manner helps people in a way that is well understood and greatly appreciated. I loved working with her.” – I recommend her books including “Vision with a Capital V-Creating the Business of Your Dreams.”

 Judy Cullins, Brand Business With a Book | eBook Writing | Self Publishing | Book Marketing |

“Joanne Victoria truly inspires me. She has been my business coach for several years. Her book “Lighting Your Path!” is one of my favorites. I found that each time I read each section I would get something new out of it every time. She has shown me what is truly important and motivating about having a balance of a successful business and successful self.”

Bea Newhall,The Marin County Realtor® You Can Trust

“Joanne has provided expert guidance in re-structuring and marketing my consulting business. She has also assisted substantively with a book project (training manual for political candidates).”

Ted C. Hilliard, Political Media Consultant |Government Relations| Candidate Training |Ghost Writer

“Thanks to Joanne’s powerful and on-target strategies, I achieved more in 30 days than I had in almost a year previously. I doubled my revenues in the following six months and increased the number of my clients two-fold with her insightful guidance and clear communication. Invite Joanne to join your team for quick and excellent results!”

Bea Vanni, Certified Social Media Manager, Certified Author’s Assistant, Business-Publishing Solution Master

“I appreciate Joanne Victoria’s genuine interest and willingness to help others achieve. She has been an Expert Call guest speaker for my career expert network twice and each time, Joanne delivered as promised. She never held back when it came to sharing her expertise on business and personal development, including various resources to further support those she connects and communicates with individually and as a group overall.”

Marin Hebda, CCMC, CPRW

“I have worked with Joanne on and off since 2005. She has helped me mostly in my entrepreneurial endeavors, but often things crossover to my personal life. She has a great knack for moving me to the edge and helping me lift my wings to fly. She opens the window to more clarity so I see the next step and gives me the tools to focus directly on my success. Joanne is amazing.”

Sandra Brim Artist, RE Investor & Photographer


“Thank you Joanne Victoria for your thoughtful insights. It appears the common thread in your development was a growing sense of independence and confidence in your brand of thinking and doing. If only more of us would work by inviting questions rather than giving pat answers. Half the fun is the process, right?”

Dennis J. Deegan CTM, DJ Consulting Group


“Joanne is a gifted writer and motivational speaker with the credentials to back it all up. Her drive and determination inspires others to achieve their goals in their business and personal lives. You can count on Joanne to guide you with her expertise as a mentor and businesswoman.”

John Jamieson Professional Sailing and Boating Writer, USCG Licensed Captain, Published Author


“Joanne is a gifted writer and business coach whose approaches to helping leaders build their business is highly effective and she gets results fast. Joanne is capable of working with businesses at every level of operation. She is a strategist who helps leaders bring into balance their strategies, systems and workforce readiness.”

 Dianne Crampton Founder, Team Development & Cooperative Work Culture Consultant at TIGERS(R) Success Series

“I can honestly state that my business and I would not be in our current position as leaders in the Integrated Medicine movement if it were not for your vision and expertise. Thank you, Joanne.” 

Elson M. Haas, MD, Author, “Staying Healthy with Nutrition

“You have been generous with your advice, energy, support and encouragement. When I was afraid, you helped me to stand strong and confident. I am on the verge of further growth and will be taking my business to the next level. Thank you forever.”

Dawn Marie Carlson, Author, Writer, Photographer,

“Joanne recently presented a session for the virtual seminar series. Joanne was wonderful to work with and she enthusiastically designed a session that was perfect for our needs. Our participants really enjoyed interacting with Joanne and she was wonderful at answering questions and helping participants on an individual level overcome their obstacles. She offered very insightful advice in a kind and positive manner. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, I would highly recommend you work with Joanne Victoria.”

Shauntelle Hamlette, Digital Marketing Strategist

“Joanne Victoria is a leader in her field. When it comes to having a successful business I would recommend hiring Joanne Victoria to help you with your Vision and Business plan. Read her books too! because of her expertise, Joanne is a recurring guest on our business show, and has a monthly business column in our magazine. You can rely on Joanne!”

Lisa D. Smith, Publisher, Big Blend Magazine


“Think again and think big. Anyone can talk about vision, but Joanne Victoria gets you thinking about it, exploring it and then acting on it–all in a matter minutes. I somehow lost my ‘small vision’ during her workshop, and I don’t miss it a bit.”

Ingrid Maltrud, Invest Manager

“Joanne personifies the difference that companies and their owners are consciously or unconsciously calling out for. I’ve read her books; I’ve published her articles in our online magazine. Invest a few minutes to learn what she’s all about.”

David Charbonneau,Business Developer / Mastermind Facilitator

“I have known Joanne since 2003. We have been part of a group of life/business consultants over the years. Of all (over 50) she is the most consistent communicator of positive energy. As you are looking for someone to be there BEFORE you need them, Joanne is your resource. Be it life, business, or investment Joanne can take you to the next level.”

Gerry Rose, DTM, Owner, Get Business Now!

“Joanne Victoria’s strategies for promoting my business have helped me more than any other business or marketing tips I’ve received. There is a lot of information out there on how to run your own business, but her techniques truly stand above and beyond the rest. I continue to put her advice into practice on a daily basis.”

Jennifer Jackson, Chinese Medicine Specialist, Acupuncturist, Owner of Shen Dao Center

“Joanne Victoria can coach you on Life, Family, Profession, Tenure, Occupation, Business, Management, Leadership and Technology underpinning all of the priors. The extremely difficult and complex, she makes clear, enlightening any positive possibility for you. Joanne does not want you to depend on anyone else but your own self. She transfers wisdom, knowledge, skills, information, ideas, experience and expertise in order to keep your pathway well envisioned and fulfilling (as per you, at your own rate and as per your utmost convenience) “As a visionary, Joanne Victoria will see your problems and solutions early on. She will be breath-taken by your potential and all of those benefits and opportunities lying up your way north, yet ignored until now by your same persona (that of you).”

 Andres Agostini, Risk Management, Futurist


“Joanne Victoria makes things happen! As a speaker, she combines wit and humor to simplify serious issues; as a coach, she makes it easy for people to improve communication as well as maximize income and growth. I highly recommend her.”

 Sharon Cook, President, Cook Public Relations

Joanne Victoria has insight into the nature of things as well as the ability to implement systems. She assists me in making both profound and practical changes that are essential in my life, thereby clarifying my new directions.”

Kimberly Davis, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac.Owner, Living in Balance

“Joanne Victoria was crucial to getting me clear enough to build my business. She assisted me in identifying steps and prioritizing them. She helped me move forward at times when I previously would have stopped. She also kept me focused. These were all very helpful to me.”

Sharon Maser Danaceau, Director,

“For good advice, common sense approaches and all-around good stuff that translates to profits and sanity (at the same time!), call Joanne Victoria. It doesn’t even matter what business you’re in — she’s that good, giving more than you might expect. That’s rare these days.” 

 Rhoann Ponseti, Owner, Ponseti & Partners, Modern Marketing

“Joanne’s mastery at providing simple actions people can take to create a positive future is amazing. Her experience easily connects with audiences, inspiring them to pursue these practical action steps for success.”

Steven Bullard, Entrepreneur, Bremerton, WA

“Joanne Victoria is not afraid of the truth and provides information in an open way, inviting you to choose what works for you. She is clear and motivated to help people pursue personal excellence and higher power.” 

Roseanne Hughes, First Bank, Vice President, San Francisco

“Your presentation gave me the confidence to develop a greater vision for our company training department as well as the ability to create alliances with managers who will support these efforts.”

Joan Greenfield, Director of Training, Redwood Business Services, Santa Rosa, CA

“Joanne Victoria really epitomizes the character of presenters we respect –tough love, compassionate yet followable guidelines and an eye on the ball that never wavers, so neither does that of her clients.” 

Andy Greider, Senior Communications Consultant, Carrol&White, Atlanta GA

“Thank you for a terrific presentation. That’s the first time I’ve seen people swarm to buy a speaker’s book at our meetings. I very much liked the forthright way she said what she said. Joanne Victoria has a very clear, no-nonsense way of putting it all together, which is quite helpful. Joanne spoke about the importance of taking action to make things happen rather than waiting for them to happen.” 

International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)


“Joanne Victoria presented core ideas for developing high value activities as well as being grounded and created both enthusiasm and concrete methods for achieving these goals. She encouraged group discussion and kept it light yet educational. Opportunities for growth were discussed which she was very well versed in, including Mission Statements, Strategic Planning and expanding corporate vision, all in a holistic method.  I highly recommend Joanne Victoria for your organization.” 

 Joseph C. MichelsenPresident, Kitsap Commercial and Investment Brokers


“Joanne – what you have done for me can not be expressed in words alone. For those of us who aren’t aware that we can actually put ourselves first, a big Thank You! What a concept…take care of my “world” from the inside out.” 

Leeda Waleh-Boney, Executive Vice President 1031 Exchange Essentials, San Diego, CA


“Joanne Victoria is a master sculptor. She brings out in people the ability to carve and sculpt their own lives. The best way to achieve this is literally hitting the stone in the right place, at the right time, with the right pressure, with the right tools; Joanne Victoria’s tools.” –

Robert Wright, Symbicore, Marketing Analyst

“Joanne Victoria has been instrumental in moving me forward in my business in a most significant way. She is the “no holds barred” type of coach who inspires direct action. I am over-the-top grateful for her guidance and support. If you are ready for the next level of “whatever”, hire her. She’ll get you there.”

Monica Moody, Founder, Owning Change | Employee Engagement Coach