J.A. Plosker has had careers as a comparative religion instructor, lawyer, and social worker. He met students and clients seeking answers to difficult questions – just like he was, leading him to publish, “The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life.” This multi-award-winning book takes readers on a fun and educational journey through ancient wisdom, and reveals that the keys to a more fulfilling life are available in little things we do every day. It is J. A.’s hope that The Nobody Bible will help readers understand themselves better, and build bridges of understanding between people.

“Become aware of your breath when repeating words of wisdom.”

“Train for restraint.”

“Emotions are habits.”

“Worrying is a coping skill. We make the situation worse by anticipating the problem.”

“We can move from worry to worry, then into trust.”

Blog: www.nobodysview.com
Book site: www.thenobodybible.com
Twitter: @nobodysview

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