Guy Golan, PhD is a life coach who specializes in empowering his Super Busy clients to achieve work and life balance in such highly demanding fields as medicine, tech, finance and law. He also specializes in coaching the spouses of such professionals who are often the unsung heroes of their spouses highly demanding careers. Guy Golan (PhD University of Florida), Graduate degree (New York University) has published more than 45 peer reviews in the fields of media and social psychology. His research was cited nearly 4,000 times in peer reviewed academic journals. Applying research findings to the real world, Golan was quoted in such newspapers as the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Bloomberg News and Slate Magazine.


  • ‘There needs to be more work life family balance in relationships with Super High Achievers.
  • ‘Super High Achievers need life balance that can only occur with a supportive partner.
  • ‘The bottom line is they both want and love each other.’
  • ‘Both Super High Achievers and their partners have different challenges in their relationships.’
  • ‘Super High Achievers are willing to put in the work, sometimes as much as 15 years to reach their goals.’

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