Dr. Ginny Baro is a Certified Executive Coach, #1 bestselling author, speaker, and CEO and founder of Fearless Women @Work™, an Executive Coaching and Career Strategy Company that offers proven techniques and tactics to help talented professionals develop as leaders in business and in life.

Ginny, who holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems, an MS in Computer Science, an MBA in Management and a BA in Computer Science and Economics, has held multiple senior leadership roles in financial services and technology over the past 26 years.  She emigrated to the U.S. at age 14 from the Dominican Republic and speaks fluent Spanish. Her new #1 bestselling book, Fearless Women at Work, was released in October 2017.

“Self-care is a key tool and one many ignore.”
“Connect, Align, Rise, Envision and Seek to thrive in your work and life.”
“Communicate expectations with clarity; give and ask for feedback.”
“Put people first. How we care for each other determines how safe we feel to do right in the world.”
“Celebrate all your wins and ‘lessons learned’ with others.”

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