Jeff Morrill co-founded Planet Subaru and businesses in retail, telecommunications, real estate, and insurance. TCK Publishing released his book Profit Wise: How to Make More Money in Business by Doing the Right Thing in 2021. Using secrets shared in the book, his companies generate over $100,000,000 in annual revenue and win many awards for customer care, environmental stewardship, and team satisfaction. Jeff’s achievements in building ethical and flourishing companies have been featured in USA Today, Automotive News, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Christine Gallagher


  • ‘Make good decisions along the way in your business.’
  • ‘Personality is transactional.’
  • ‘Do what you like to do, are good at and provides value to others.’
  • ‘Know where and when to throttle back.’
  • ‘Put handcuffs on yourself while you hold the key.’

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