Whether you are an employee, contractor or own your own business, work/ life balance is essential.

What is balance? According to many dictionaries, balance is the even distribution of weight, in this instance the equal distribution of work and life.

To have equal time and energy for your work and your life is almost unattainable, especially if you work outside the home.

The ingredients for a balanced lifestyle – a more harmonious lifestyle –  include your mindset, physical wellness, relationships, your career, where you live and other aspects that are important to you. All these ingredients, if utilized wisely and if it works for you, determine a harmony with yourself and others.

The integration of all things that are important to you at the level you are ready willing and able to maintain are what makes your life harmonious.

If you can add some peace to the mix, you are ahead of the game.

There may be a time where you focus on family more than work, or vice versa. This variability is what will happen to all of us. At the beginning of a new career or position or of opening a new business may take time away from your own personal relationships including family. As long as you are aware that this journey is flexible and temporary, you will do fine.

The most important thing is to honest with yourself and the changes your work/life balance will take as you move ahead with your life.

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Joanne Victoria