Bill Lee-Emery is one of the foremost mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technique) Master Trainers in Australia and is highly regarded by his peers. He has appeared on several radio and TV shows in Australia. He was written 4 books and numerous articles in national health and business magazines. Bill has a genuine heart-felt passion for helping people to discover their own innate talents. Throughout his 35 years of work within the personal development field, he has helped thousands of people improve their lives, including Business Leaders, and athletes including the Australian National Skydiving Team, world-class cyclists, triathletes and golfers.

‘We have three brains- your ‘gut brain’ is Number 1.’
‘Your ‘head brain’ is your cause of anxiety; it is a good servant, but a lousy master.’
‘You ‘heart brain’ is where your values are.’
‘Your core ID is in your gut; your gut is the intuitive response.’
‘Inspiration starts with the heart, not the head.’

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