Chad C. Betz is a financial services executive with over 20 years of experience, a keynote speaker and the author of “Late Bloomer, It’s Not Too Late to Succeed!”, a highly reviewed book, that uses his experiences and personal stories to demonstrate how people can succeed at any age. He has advised CEOs and coached business people. Chad holds a Master’s Degree in Economics.

Chad is also a martial artist with black belts in two nontraditional styles and is currently studying Goju Ryu.

He is a husband and father of two plus an overweight, prematurely gray dog that reminds him of himself.


  • ‘Stop giving up on yourself.’
  • ‘Be ready to do it today.’
  • ‘How do people see you and your ideas?’
  • ‘Minds, body, brand, team.’
  • ‘What do you want to project?’

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