Dr. John Polis, talks about spiritual laws of the bible and is the author of eleven books translated into six languages. Dr. Polis was saved and filled with Holy Spirit in 1974. He attended Dayton Bible College and graduated in1980 and became pastor of a Pentecostal church in West Virginia.

John has been a TV and Radio Host for more than thirty years. Dr. Polis serves the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders on the Council of Elders and is a former US Marine veteran of the Vietnam War. John and his wife Rebecca have been married 43 years with 4 children and 8 grandchildren.


  • ‘Spiritual laws parallel real laws and are universal.’
  • ‘There are Four Laws of Prosperity & Abundance’
  • ‘We have lack because of the mismanagement of distribution on every level.’
  • ‘Abundance is internal.’
  • ‘The seed is the Word of God. No life exists apart from a seed.’
  • ‘Prosperity happens progressively. You will give time to what is important to you.’


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