Steve Smith is the President and Founder of GrowthSource Coaching in Orange County, CA. He provides leadership, management and marketing coaching to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs worldwide. Considered the Catalyst for Change by the California Business Journal, Steve has helped over 400 business professionals to date.

Steve is an author, speaker and podcaster. His current book, ‘Leadership Axioms’, is available at his website, Steve speaks to business groups, trade associations and local companies on thinking and behaviors that produce top tier performance. Steve launched his fourth Internet radio podcast show called ‘Business Wingmen ’in December 2017.

‘Do your workers need accountability?’

‘Eliminating Blind Spots is crucial in changing bad behavior in the work place.’

‘Higher ups need to invite others from various levels into the room.’

‘Leaders need to change the culture.’

‘You have as much authority as you dare to take.’


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