After struggling with her weight, negative self-talk, and poor body image struggles, Anne Poirier was exhausted, frustrated, and fed up with dieting, diet culture, and trying to fit into Society’s Thin Ideal. So, she set out on a personal and professional journey to find hope, healing, and self-acceptance.

Anne is a Certified Intuitive Eating counselor, eating disorder specialist, self-talk trainer, and author of the book The Body Joyful. She now empowers women of all sizes, shapes, and weights to feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies, so they can become role models for our next generation.

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  • ‘Regrets plus anger equal weight gain.’
  • ‘Stop comparing yourself to images or other people.’
  • ‘Images have changed every decade or two.’
  • ‘Diets don’t work!’
  • ‘One negative thought can turn into 20 other thoughts.’

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