Patricia Brooks, author of Live a Bold Life: Your 30-Day Mission to a Fearless Future, is a Confidence Coach and podcast host. After her father died, she became committed to living a regret-free life and to help others move through their fears to do the same. Patricia is currently living in France, in pursuit of her dreams. Her approach is based on three fundamentals outlined in her first book, Growing Bold: How to Overcome Fear, Build Confidence and Love the Life You Live – Goal Setting, Mindset Shifting, and Confidence Building. Patricia thoroughly enjoys helping her clients move out of their comfort zones and into fully experiencing their lives using her self-help techniques.


  • ‘Set meaningful goals including positive thinking.’
  • ‘Enjoy a shift in perspective to positive thoughts.’
  • ‘Affirm your goodness, overcome your fears and learn to love your life.’
  • ‘Celebrate and focus on your successes to boost your self-esteem.’
  • ‘Once you record your daily wins, wins then become normal.’

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