Sensei Victoria Whitfield is an internationally recognized holistic stress management and natural intuition mentor for progressive entrepreneurs and corporations, such as tech giant AT&T Global, where she regularly presents on Healing The Workplace.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and energy-sensitive individuals, Sensei Victoria Whitfield has a uniquely intimate understanding of the type of healing and spiritual support entrepreneurs and working professionals need on the journey to grow their work and personal lives.

It was her own healing journey of managing her natural sensitivity that inspired her to learn about personal and spiritual development.

“Take care of your natural state of health by preventing build-up.”
“If your throat starts to tickle, or you start sneezing, leave the area and the individual.”
“Ground yourself and you will be more productive.”
“Power is positive and negative. High powered machines that have no grounding shut down.”
“Without grounding there can be serious damage.”
“When in a stressful situation ground yourself to take you to a neutral place.”

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