Mike Darcey’s mission is to help people create and live the ultimate purpose-driven life full of adventure, love and happiness. He is the creator of Love Life Central, a passionate community where people learn life-changing ways to make life great. As an entrepreneur, coach, investor, parent, and volunteer, navigating the ups and downs of tough relationships has revealed the secrets that create long-lasting, outstanding marriages and He’s excited to share these secrets with others. Mike and his wife Lisa are blessed to enjoy living in Hawaii in a cozy home minutes away from the famous Waikiki Beach. Mike is the author of two books: Love Life, How to Create a Happy Relationship after Divorce and Adventure Together, How to Plan a Perfect Vacation and Improve Your Marriage.

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  • ‘When relationships are in order, nothing can stand in your way.’
  • ‘Change your perspective.’
  • ‘Share responsibilities.’
  • ‘Have a great desire to be together.’
  • ‘If you treat your business well, it will respond positively.’

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