Coppola was inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame in 2011 and won a Humanitarian Award for starting a non-profit that helped massage therapists after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Gloria Coppola is a Conscious living influencer, life/health coach, author of ‘Both Ends of the Rainbow’, and ‘You Were Born to Love’ as well as a retreat leader.

Coppola has been in the holistic healing arts for over 35 years and owned a health center and massage school. 

Coppola’s focus today is on helping others rise up and live a soul driven path vs a linear one. Her intuitive gifts continue to expand and she is able to tap into their soul wisdom.


  • ‘Her quest after her father’s passing aided her decision-making.’
  • ‘What is it that is keeping you here?’
  • ‘Align with some one that believes.’
  • ‘Get out of your comfort zone.’
  • ‘People are afraid to know what the truth is.’

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