Benjamin Farrey-Latz, author of I Can Learn Social Skills! Poems About Getting Along, Being a Good Friend, and Growing Up, is a special education teacher with Minneapolis Public Schools (grades 2–5.) He has worked in education since 1996 in private, public, and charter schools as both a general and special education teacher. After working several years at the elementary level, Benjamin completed his master’s degree at the University of Minnesota. His thesis focused on methods of teaching social skills to children with special needs.


  • ‘As adults, we take social skills for granted.’
  • ‘Social skills are not as obvious as people think.’
  • ‘Use breathing exercises to calm down.’
  • ‘If you need help, have a trusted friend talk you down.’
  • ‘Have people around you that you have some level of respect for-
    they cannot all be your best friend.’

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