As a leading instructor for the US Navy, Clay Green was responsible for training hundreds of people how to safely and confidently operate a naval nuclear reactor without being distracted by being underwater on submarine, with a torpedo chasing them, and a fire burning! Being able to distinguish between feelings and facts, emotions and thoughts; reactions and contemplative thought is what enabled Clay to have a huge impact on dozens of companies, including Intel, a manufacturer in the semi-conductor industry. Today, Clay Green focuses his efforts on Entrepreneurs and Executives and helps them understand how their subconscious affects every decision they face – and helps them integrate the Flow State. These strategies of course help their employees and contractors achieve success and flow as well.

‘Have intention setting moments and review your accomplishments.’
‘Set an attainable goal and measure the outcome.’
‘Set an alarm for 45-60 minutes to work on this goal.’
‘Write a story to explain why it was important to complete this goal.’
‘What can you do today to strengthen your foundation?’

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