Known as “the Trajectory Changer” Meiyoko B.Taylor is a life & business strategist. He helps people create use their expertise to create purpose-driven businesses that increase their impact, influence, and income. Some of his past and present clients include top motivational speakers, life & business coaches, celebrities, professional athletes, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Meiyoko Taylor has authored and co-authored a total of six books, including Find Your AMAZING! 5 Steps to Transforming Your Life and Forever TRUCKIN: Mastering The Will To Win, both of which have become best sellers. He has received wide media coverage and acclaim, including features in SUCCESS, Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, Bustle, Ladders, and dozens of other media outlets.


  • ‘Search inwardly for your zone of genius.’
  • ‘Your passions come easy to you.’
  • Your life experiences, your story of transformation is important.’
  • ‘Search for what drives you.’
  • ‘Discover what holds you back.’

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