Elissa Weinzimmer is an award-winning vocal health educator, presence coach, and the founder of Voice Body Connection.

After suddenly losing her own voice at age 21, Elissa began studying the mechanics of voice. Over time she developed a unique, concrete approach that empowers performers, leaders, and speakers to optimize their voices and share them more authentically.

Elissa has led training for We Work, Equinox, Microsoft, eBay, Instacart, and more, and has been featured in Business Insider, Thrive Global, and Healthline. She earned her MFA from the University of Alberta, and is trained in Fitzmaurice Voicework®️, Hatha yoga, and Body-Mind Centering®️.

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  • ‘Learn how to speak up when you don’t know what to say.’
  • ‘Be present.’
  • ‘You may need to negotiate new terms.’
  • ‘How do you feel right now?’
  • ‘Speak up for yourself.’

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