Udo Erasmus is the founder of Udo’s Choice products, found in Whole Foods and health food stores worldwide. Udo first pioneered Flax Seed Oil after deep research as a result of being poisoned by pesticides. He also invented the machinery and method to bring healthy oils to the marketplace.

Udo is an acclaimed author, speaker and expert on TOTAL SEXY HEALTH. This 8-step process considers all the elements of whole health, including our mental health, presence and awareness, life energy and being in harmony with nature and humanity.

Udo is a presenter at Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra’s events. He has sold over 250,000 copies of his books.

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  • ‘How well do you know yourself?’
  • ‘What we do is the outcome of our state of being.’
  • ‘Focus on yourself.’
  • ‘Being is more important than doing.’
  • ‘Get quiet and maintain peace for at least 5-10 minutes.’

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